GWA Member Login

Renewing? Log in then click on My Profile. Then click on Renew Membership to the left of your profile.

If you are new to the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association we recommend you review the information below.  It will hopefully help you get the most your membership from the very beginning.

Membership Badges

The GWA secretary is responsible for providing membership badges.  Until classes resume at the Peachtree Woodworkers Association classroom, badge distribution has been suspended. If you have a special need for a badge, contact the club secretary (see Contact GWA).

Meeting Notices

The GWA website has an extensive calendar of events for Saturday and special interest group (Scroll Saw SIG and Woodturners SIG) Zoom meetings and other events of interest.  Please visit the website regularly for current scheduling information.  We also have an automatic mailer that sends weekly notices via email.  As a registered member you still must opt-in to that list.  To opt-in, sign in to the GWA site and look for the GWA Events Mailer on the left.  If you are signed in it will display a subscribe link.  Use that link to opt-in to the weekly email.


All GWA meetings are currently held via Zoom.  See the Saturday and special interest group calendars for scheduled meeting days and times.  Guests are welcome at all meetings.

Membership Period

GWA memberships are handled both in person and via the website. If handled in person, the website is updated manually by the board secretary/treasurer. Membership is based on the calendar year. Dues are prorated for members joining after the end of the quarter. You will receive auromatic notices from the GWA website when your membership is about to expire.

Online Registration for Existing Members

If you are an existing GWA member and you are not yet registered on the website there is a special 'membership plan' for paid members to register.  Upon registration and confirmation of your paid membership status your membership account will be updated to indicate your current membership status and expiration date.


Our members will generally be happy to answer any questions about woodworking or the club.  Board members are listed on the website and available to answer more detailed questions about the GWA.

In 2010 the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association Board of Directors decided to better automate membership activities through online sign-up of new members and annual membership renewals.  Each of our membership plans are published in the Membership Sign-up section under the Membership menu.  The process of online sign-up also sets up the initial information for your Member Profile.

Your Member Profile

A Member Profile allows you to publish contact information, woodworking interests and personal and business website information.  You choose how much of this information you want to provide and share.  The Member Profile information is only available to registered members when they are logged in on the website.  The public does not have access to this information.  While our webmaster and web managers have the abililty to assist you in making changes or corrections to your profile, you, the member are ultimately responsible for your member profile information.  You are also responsible for choosing a password that will not be easily guessible and that will remain confidential to your or those you have allowed access to your profile.  Your login credentials should never be provided to anyone who is not a GWA member or family member for security. To access your member profile, first log into the GWA website then click on My Profile in the User Menu at the left.

Renewing My Membership

The Covid virus forced the suspension of in person classes at Peachtree Woodworking Supply. The Gwinnett Woodworkers Board decided that members in good standing would suspend dues collection until classroom meetings resume. In the meantime the members in good standing will continue to receive newsletters via e-mail. The newsletters will be the vehicle to notify members of Zoom meetings and other GWA related activities.

Edit My Profile

To edit your profile:

  1. Log on to the GWA website using your username and password
  2. Click on "My Profile" in the left side User Menu
  3. Mouse over the Edit button above your profile photo then click on "Update Your Profile"
  4. Verify, add to, or correct your profile information then click the "Update" button to save changes or "Cancel" to return to your profile without saving any changes.
  5. Click "Logout" in the User Menu when you are finished.

All Woodworkers Are Welcome

All woodworkers, young and old, beginner to expert, are welcome at the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association.  Whether you are looking to find a skill, hone your expertise, or give back to the woodworking community, we have opportunities for you.

Annual Membership Fees

Until in person classes resume in the Peachtree Woodworking Supply classroom, dues have been suspended.

Please use the Contact Us menu link if you have any questions about GWA membership.

Mailing Address

Gwinnett Woodworkers Association, 375 Rockbridge Road, Suite 172-PMB222, Lilburn, GA 30047

We will not use your personal information at any time without your permission. Member information is used for official GWA notifications (via email or regular mail or phone).

Friends of GWA Invitation

The Gwinnett Woodworkers Association occasionally sends an email newsletter to our friends who are previous members or are simply too far away to benefit from membership.  These "Friends of GWA" are encouraged to subscribe to our "Friends of GWA" News list.  You can unsubscribe at any time through a link provided with every Friends of GWA email newsletter.

Until the classroom reopens at Peachtree Woodworking Supply store on Jimmy Carter Blvd. (In Norcross), classes are being conducted via Zoom. The schedule for these classes is published in the weekly Gwinnett Woodworkers Association Newsletter.

The Gwinnett Woodworkers Association web site now allows members to register and maintain their own profile.  If you are not a current member of the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association your registration will not be accepted.  Non-members are encouraged to subscribe to our "Friends of GWA" News list where you will receive occasional GWA and related news.

For GWA members, here's how the registration process works.

In the GWA Members section below the main menu, click on the word 'Register' where it says "No account yet? Register".

You will be asked for a username and password.  You will need to make up your own username and password.  These will not be chosen for you.  We can change and/or reset them, but we won't know what your password is unless you tell someone.  Please try to select a secure password. 

Fill out the required profile items.

Once done with your initial profile items (you can edit this later), you will save your profile.  Shortly thereafter you will get an email at the address you provided.  You will need to click on the link in that email to confirm that this was indeed your correct email address.  If you don't see an email you might need to check your spam folders.

Once you've clicked on the link in that email your web site registration will almost be done.  Our moderator will review and approve your registration.  Once approved you will have access to the web site's content for registered users.

If you have any questions, please contact the webmaster.

 In order to stay in touch with our GWA friends, we invite you to subscribe to our GWA Friends email list. We send news and information to our members via a members email list. Some of that information we would like to share with our wider circle of woodworking friends. So if you would like to keep up with GWA activities, we invite you to subscribe. Each email will include an unsubscribe link should you decide you nolonger want the newsletter.