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Paul Proffitt

Paul Proffitt

In this class, Hans Meier and Karl Taylor tag teamed to cover many of the ways that scroll saw puzzles can be made.  Hans and Karl showed many examples of puzzles that they made and market.  They both showed the processes they used to develop many of the puzzle types.  The very small and the very irregular puzzles were the highlight of the presentation.


In 2010 the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association Board of Directors decided to better automate membership activities through online sign-up of new members and annual membership renewals.  Each of our membership plans are published in the Membership Sign-up section under the Membership menu.  The process of online sign-up also sets up the initial information for your Member Profile.

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Steve Mellott presented our December meeting and it was a wonderful show. This was Steve's first turning demo, he was steady, practiced and produced a perfect Urchin Ornament. Although he appeared a little nervous it was still easy to see he was having a good time.  Many thanks Steve.

All who were present enjoyed this fine show.  I called upon our own members to step up and do a Demo, come on everyone we would like to have you show what we are teaching and that we make a difference.  Please see me and I'll put you in a schedule.   Butch


For our September meeting we were happy to have Frank Bowers, one of the area's most popular instructor's.  Frank demonstrated spiral texturing on a turned box. The time seemed to go by quickly, however Frank finished with five minutes to spare, which were used for questions. I'm sorry it seems I didn't get a picture of the finished box so you will have to trust me when I say it's impressive and looks difficult to do but Frank made it look easy. Thank you Frank, fine demo that all enjoyed.                                                                           Butch Davis- Chairman GWA Turning S.I.G.






If you are new to the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association we recommend you review the information in this article.  It will hopefully help you get the most your membership from the very beginning.

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The GWA secretary is responsible for providing membership badges.  We encourage wearing your membership badge at every meeting so that new and old members can get to know you more quickly and remember you name.  Your badge also is proof of membership that numerous local woodworking material and equipment suppliers honor with a generous discount.  Membership badges are also required for shop tours and other restricted access events.

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The GWA website has an extensive calendar of events for Saturday and special interest group (Scroll Saw SIG and Woodturners SIG) meetings and other events of interest.  Please visit the website regularly for current scheduling information.  We also have an automatic mailer that sends a notice every Tuesday via email.  As a registered member you still must opt-in to that list.  To opt-in, sign in to the GWA site and look for the GWA Events Mailer on the left.  If you are signed in it will display a subscribe link.  Use that link to opt-in to the weekly email.


All GWA meetings are currently held at Peachtree Woodworking Supply in Norcross, GA.  See the Saturday and special interest group calendars for scheduled meeting days and times.  Guests are welcome at all meetings.

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GWA memberships are handled both in person and via the website. If handled in person, the website is updated manually. Membership is based on the calendar year. Dues are prorated for members joining after
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Our members will generally be happy to answer any questions about woodworking or the club.  Board members are listed on the website and available to answer more detailed questions about the GWA.



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Should any person wish to take still photographs at a Gwinnett Woodworkers Association, Inc. event or function, please ask the permission of the person or persons to be photographed or the owner of the objects to be photographed.



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